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The online marketplace has seen sales of skateboards, scooters and rollerskates 'soar' in the three months from March to June this year.

Over 7,500 skateboards selling a day on eBay.co.uk

Online marketplace eBay.co.uk is reporting record sales of over 7,500 skateboards per day for the past three months.

A the British weather begins to heat up, it would appear so too has the demand for skateboards and scooters, with online sales ‘soaring’ in recent weeks.

Just over 2,500 scooters and scooter related products have sold each day over the last three months, according to the trader, while rollerblades and rollerskates have hit sales records of over 70 pairs an hour.

In anticipation of an increase demand in wheeled toys this summer, eBay.co.uk now boasts over 8,000 longboards, 460,000 scooters and nearly 7,000 rollerblades.

eBay.co.uk’s top five selling skateboards for the three months March to June, are:

 1. Penny Skateboard 22”

 2. Lush Longboard Spooky 42”

 3. Mindless Maverick Skateboard

 4. Pro.Tec Longboard 45”

 5. Lush Generator Longboard 44”

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