Balance bike firm has taken new steps to prevent brand devaluation with Amazon seller clear out and firm online stance.

Strider Sports “weeds out cause of price erosion” in firm online stance

Balance bike specialist Strider Sports has made the decision to cease selling directly to Amazon.

Instead, the firm known for its range of balance bikes for kids of all ages with work exclusively with the third party Amazon seller, Netrush, in a bid to protect the brand’s online representation.

The move is part of the company’s wider plans for preventing brand devaluation through online discounting that sees Strider Sports introducing new restrictions to online channels.

On June 1st, the company ceased selling product to all US dealer and distributors who failed to sign a new Authorised Dealer/Distributor agreement. More than 2,500 independent dealers and six national distributors were inactivated.

However, as of June 22nd, five national distributors and over 800 US dealers have returned the new agreement.

“This was a pretty scary move, to actually draw a line in the sand and say we won’t sell any more bikes to any buyers who aren’t willing to represent our brand the way we want it represented, even when we have POs in hand,” said Ryan McFarland, founder and CEO of Strider Sports.

“We are very pleased with the response and support from dealers and distributors. Yes, there are those who complained, but in the end those are the dealers that caused the price erosion and misinformation problems, and we’re happy to have weeded them out.

“The Amazon channel is now cleaner and more accurately representing our brand than at any time in the last three years. We are thankful to already have such a good number of quality distributors and dealers on board and representing Strider.

“We welcome any new dealer who would like to help get kids on bikes, properly represent a quality brand and earn a solid profit for doing so.”

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