Designer Maurice Doorduyn is looking to raise €36,900 via the site.

Ikonic Toys brings Wooden Race Track to Kickstarter

Dutch firm Ikonic Toys has taken to Kickstarter in the hope of securing funding for its Wooden Race Track.

Designer Maurice Doorduyn believes he is supplying the market with long-lasting toys and he is looking to raise €36,900 on the site.

"A large proportion of the toys sold in Europe has been developed from a commercial perspective, resulting in cheap plastic products that are often covered in popular characters," said Doorduyn.

"Children often only pay brief attention to such toys once the batteries are empty or the product displays a fault. Toy sales in Europe amount to 16.5 billion euros per year. Unfortunately there isn’t any information available about how much is thrown away, but if you look at the range offered by the major toy chains, an enormous mountain of plastic waste must be disposed of every year."

The Wooden Race Track boasts separate sections of track so kids can build their own circuits.

Check out the campaign here.

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