Firm has high hopes for new Sick Bricks and Chubby Puppies ranges in UK market.

Spin Master pushes play boundaries with collectables

Collectables are helping Spin Master ‘push the boundaries of play’ this year, as new launches across the girls’ and boys’ markets are tipped for big success.

The toy firm has high hopes that its new selection of animal-themed Chubby Puppies will be a big seller this Christmas 2015, as the range is fuelled by the support of an extensive TV and PR marketing campaign this summer.

Launching in July, the Chubby Puppies range marks Spin Master’s first major girls’ collectables launch since its 2011 line, Zoobles.

Elsewhere, the firm believes its toys-to-life line of collectables, Sick Bricks will ‘push the boundaries of play’ in the UK market, where it hopes its success will mirror the range’s international reception.

“We have high expectations that Chubby Puppies will be a big seller this Christmas,” said Charlotte Jones, brand manager at Spin Master.

“Meanwhile, Spin Master has invested heavily in the Sick Brick game and app, and the brand is a huge launch for us globally and in the UK,” added Spin Master’s marketing manager, Emma Eden.

“We are already seeing great success off the back of the launches in North America. Sick Bricks is innovation at its best, and we believe it pushes the boundaries of play.”

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