The accent-guessing party game has secured a 50,000 production run now entering Target stores across the US.

US: Kickstarter success Utter Nonsense goes mainstream with Target

US accent-guessing game and Kickstarter success story Utter Nonsense is entering Target stores for the first time this summer.

The popular party game that challenges players to combine stereotypical accents with bizarre phrases will be available in stores across the US from this August.

The game is the brainchild of Tim Swindle and Dave Mazurek who created the title while at college in Illinois.

In 2014, the duo decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help bring the game to market. After exceeding its $15,000 goal n 23 days, the team launched the game in November of the same year.

Two months later, Utter Nonsense had caught the attention of a buyer at Target and soon went from a first production run of 5,000 games to 50,000 in its second production run.

“The greatest thing abut Utter Nonsense, and card games in general, is that they offer social experiences that keep you laughing which even the most sophisticated gaming hardware cannot offer,” said Swindle.

“We are seeing an increasing interest in the marketplace for activities that bring groups of people together for simple, yet creative fun. We are very excited to be partnering with Target to bring this game to consumers nationwide.”

Utter Nonsense is based in Chicago and manufactured in Michigan. The game is suitable for players aged 18 and upwards.

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