FTC orders Erik Chevalier to repay all backers for board game project that raised $122,000 but never saw the light of day.

Kickstarter fraudster to repay backers after using funds for personal expenses

A board game creator has been ordered to issue refunds of $122,000 after it was discovered he was using crowdfunded money for personal expenses.

Erik Chevalier took to Kickstarter in 2012 to raise $35,000 to develop a Lovecraftian board game project called The Doom That Came to Atlantic City.

Under the company name of The Forking Path, the project raised more than $122,000 and was deemed a success.

However, in 2013 Chevalier declared that the project was canceled, blaming the failure of the project on his own lack of experience.

“The project is over, the game is canceled,” he wrote on the updated page. “My hope now is to eventually refund everyone fully.”

Despite promising to uphold the terms of Kickstarter and refund all of his backers fully, the Federal Trade Commision discovered that Chevalier was still to deliver.

Instead, the game developer has been accused of using the funds gained through Kickstarter to pay for a number of personal expenses, including rent, moving costs and licenses for another project.

Since declaring that he couldn’t give “any type of schedule for repayment” due to being out of work, Chevalier has now agreed to a settlement with the FTC.

The agreement prohibits Chevalier from any future ‘deceptive representations related to any crowdfunding campaigns,’ and requires him to fulfill his refund policy.

The settlement order also carries a $111.793 judgement that will be suspended due to Chevalier’s lack of funds. It will become due to be paid in full, however, should anything deceptive about his financial situation be found.

The board game in question however has found a happy ending and The Doom That Came To Atlantic City has since been published by Cryptozoic and is now on sale.

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