Grublin Games' Henry Jasper has been handed Best Family Game at the UK Games Expo for Waggle Dance and Cornwall's Most Inventive Start-Up.

Cornish game inventor wins flurry of awards for smuggling and bee based titles

A Cornish board game inventor has picked up a flurry of awards for his tabletop gaming titles, Cornish Smuggler and Waggle Dance.

Henry Jasper, founder of Grublin Games has been presented the accolade Best Family Game at the UK Games Expo for his latest title, a game inspired by the lifecycle of a bee, Waggle Dance.

The gaming enthusiast has also been handed the title of Most Inventive Start-Up at the third Unlocking Potential Graduate Start-Up Awards held in Falmouth.

At the event, he was championed for his 2013 title, Cornish Smuggler, a game inspired by tales of smugglers and wreckers that helped to shape Cornish life centuries ago.

Both titles have been the results of successful Kickstarter campaigns. In 2012, Cornish Smuggler raised over £14,000 in crowdfunding and is now stocked in retailers across Cornwall.

Jasper has said that the two awards have boosted his firm through recognition and validation.

“Recognition because we were up against absolute industry giants at UKGE but we are still very much independent,” he said. “to win against these guys was huge.

“Validation because we are still a small company, so knowing that others really appreciate all the hard work that everyone at Grublin Games puts into our games and the business is just huge and a nice thing to hear.”

Winning the UK Games Expo award has already made a positive impact on sales of Waggle Dance, which sold out at the show.

The firm is now in the throws of yet another Kickstarter campaign to produce and develop a terralith metallic game dice.

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