Icon Live’s licensing director Warren Traeger shines a spotlight on why more and more retailers are finding there’s value in stocking kids’ trinkets.

Is jewellery an overlooked category?

The jewellery and accessories sector has commonly been overlooked by retailers in the past as a minor component of their shop floor plan.

However, jewellery and accessory partners, like ourselves at Icon Live, have been demonstrating that size of product certainly doesn’t matter when it comes to sales.

As major retailers are finding, kids’ jewellery is a perfect complement to many areas of the store as fans of some of our leading licences can add to their collection.

We are seeing an evolution in this category as jewellery does not stand alone but forms a part of the complete accessories solution which combines hair accessories, key rings, bag charms, stickers, magnets and novelty deely boppers (visit the Icon Live website if you don’t know what these are).

With our price points averaging from £2 to £6, kids’ jewellery and accessories is very rarely a planned or considered purchase as it’s almost always a sneaky addition to a parent’s shopping basket.

Pester power does wonders at the till point and we consistently find that sales are always in excess of 100 per cent when displayed in FSDU and CDU promotional space, in comparison to fixed space.

Icon Live has an exciting few months ahead with a number of highly anticipated box office hits expected to lead to a soar in sales of licensed merchandise-already demonstrated by the likes of Frozen last year. This brand is still a key driver for girls but the recent release of Cinderella has also cemented girls’ obsession with princesses as it’s right on trend once again, especially with the arrival of Princess Charlotte.

Not only are girls wishing they were princesses, but we have also seen the adult market fall in love with our Cinderella range, available from ASOS and Truffle Shuffle.

Both online retailers have seen stock sell out, as these SKUS have been popular with fashion-forward teens and young girls and we see this as a market where we can expand further.

Our dress-up range, from plastic jewellery to fake hair accessories, work in both the toy space and adjacent to licensed dress-up outfits offering further opportunity for retailers to increase their profits.

Although overlooked in the past these low-value, highly popular products are consistently well received with consumers as they continue to bring the magic to life.

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