Eight-year-old Star Wars fan Izzy Cornthwaite brought about the change when she expressed her disappointment at a Darth Vader costume labeled as for 'boys'.

Disney Store UK drops online ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ signage

Disney Store UK has scrapped its online gendered toy categories following a handwritten note of dismay from an eight-year-old girl.

Star Wars fan Izzy Cornthwaite got in touch with the company to express her disappointment that a Darth Vader outfit was labelled as a ‘boys costume’ when exploring the UK Disney Store’s website.

The Guardian reports that in response to the youngster’s lament, the online arm of the nationwide retailer replied to confirm that the description of the costume had been amended, along with the wording on all other products from costumes to toys.

“The description for this costume has now been amended as we understand that all our little Jedis enjoy Star Wars,” read the response from the firm.

Beyond this, the online store has now dropped its ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ categorisations, leading only with a general ‘kids’ section.

Mother of the budding gender equality activist, Rebecca Cornthwaite, added: “If you visited a toy shop, you would actually see boys and girls going to their respectively gendered aisle.

“Some might argue, ‘What does it matter?’ We know that women are underrepresented in many work roles and I feel very strongly that I don’t want Izzy to avoid a career later in her life because it is a ‘boys job’, when I know she is capable of doing anything she sets her heart on.”

UK Disney Store online now joins a growing number of retailers to do away with gendered signage, including the likes of Amazon.

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