The bear boasts the ability to move its head to face you if you're engaging with it.

Google files patent for tech teddy bear that can control devices and monitor children

Google has submitted a patent for a smart teddy bear capable of controlling devices around the home and monitoring children.

The patent is for an ‘anthropomorphic device’, in this case a teddy bear or a toy rabbit, that can ‘control one or more media devices’.

The toy can keeping a watchful eye, and ear, on the kids with cameras built-into its eyes and twin microphones built in behind its ears.

The patent also states: “Upon reception or a detection of a social cue, such as movement and/or a spoken word or phrase, the anthropormorphic device may aim its gaze at the source of the social cue.”

Yes, this means the bear can boast the ability to move its head to face you if you’re engaging with it, something critics of the idea have already deemed ‘the creepiest idea ever‘.

Check out an image from the patent below:

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