Family Gamer TV's Andy Robertson checks out this year's new Skylanders title, one that introduces vehicles to the franchise.

Skylanders SuperChargers reduces cost of bringing toys to life

Skylanders SuperChargers is announced today with a new vehicular innovation. This year’s game comes with a range of 20 land, sea and air transports both in toy and on-screen form.

Less obvious, but maybe more important to consumers, the game can be purchased in a cheaper Portal Owners pack this year.

This enables existing players to reuse their old portals right back to the 2012 portal for Giants. This not only cuts costs but creates a simple upgrade path for those who have the game on an old system and have since upgraded to the next generation console.

The Starter Pack comes with a vehicle and two figures along with the game itself and the new portal. The game-play takes on a new twist with the vehicles, with driving sections split into three groupings for land, sea and air.

In the Starter Pack, you get all you need to complete the game and visit the land and on-foot sections. Adding more toy vehicles opens up those other levels.

Additionally the game will see ten new and ten returning SuperCharger characters. These can be paired with the matching vehicle to enable players to greatly customise and modify their rides in the game.

The game continues to offer traditional co-op on foot game-play along side a team-mate driving mode where one player steers and the other fires. It’s a nice option for families with players of different abilities.

The game also looks much better this year on the next generation consoles with clouds and water being procedurally generated in real time. The Wii console and 3DS hand-held have a complementary experience that is simpler but promises to link to the main game coherently.

While Skylanders can be a costly investment for families, Activision have again shown a commitment to the money spent in previous years.

Being able to use any of the existing 300 or so Skylanders along with the new toy vehicles is no mean feat and will be appreciated by parents. You can even re-use last year’s traps to add further upgrades to vehicles.

Skylanders SuperCharges will be released in Europe on September 25th on Wii U, Wii, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and 3DS.

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