Brody, Quint and Hooper join the formidable Jaws while Mogwai Stripe joins a cast of gruesome Gremlins.

Funko releases Jaws and Gremlins ReAction Figures

Forget the boat, fans of the iconic 1975 thriller Jaws are going to need a bigger wallet, as Funko reveals its latest line of ReAction Figures.

Heroes Brody, Quint and Hooper join the formidable fish in a new line of retro-styled figures, each coming complete with their choice of weaponry.

Dubbed Bruce the Shark, the whopping Great White even comes with a gas canister.

The line will hit stores across the US this July.

Meanwhile, sharks are the least of your worries this spring/summer with the Funko’s new retro-styled The Gremlins action figures.

Gizmo and Stripe join Barney the family dog while Mogwai Stripe comes with a computer.

Gremlin Stripe bears nothing less than a chainsaw, Bandit Gremlin brandishes a gun and Cinema Gremlin complete the set that launches to retailers this month.

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