Firm plans to launch the range this summer in ten countries.

PMI details launch plans for Imoji figurines

Israeli firm PMI has detailed the launch plans for its upcoming range of Imoji products.

The figures, inspired by the messaging icons, will launch this summer across ten countries.

"Our thoughts were that if these characters are so popular as virtual characters, why can it used as real products," said Boaz Dekel, PMI’s chairman and CEO.

"It was an inspiring moment. The Imoji characters express emotions in a very precise way, and at the same time does it with a great sense of humour. That’s what made them so popular.

"In 20 years we managed to distribute and market dozens of brands. We operate advanced marketing methods – any brand that’s launched is accompanied by a Facebook fun page and unique application through which we communicate with the children. These activities can create huge trends."

The firm introduced Imoji for the first time earlier this year at the Nuremberg Toy Fair where it recieved a "fantastic reaction and interest from many companies across the globe".

"We already have several strong and enthusiastic distributors in several territories, and we are about to finalise some more at Distoy," added Dekel.

"We already launched Imoji in our home territory, and the feedback is amazing. I have never experienced such quick, warm reactions from the market. Some of the products were sold out within days."

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