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The pair are being launched as part of the 30th Anniversary celebrations for the iconic adventure film.

Gordos celebrates The Goonies with Chunk and Sloth plush

Gordos Plush is celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Goonies with the launch of a soft take on the 80s film’s most recognisable characters.

Inseparable friends, Chunk and Sloth have undergone the plush treatment as Gordos champions 30 years of the Warner Bros classic.

The pair will launch exclusively through the official The Goonies 30th Anniversary Store and as part of June’s 80s convention. The cuddly pair will then be available to order at Gordo Plush and on Amazon.

“Chunk and Sloth are back,” said Neil Hoynes, president of Ripple Junction Design Co. the developers of Gordos Plush.

“And just in time for The Goonies 30th Anniversary celebration in Astoria, Oregon, the perfect place to introduce our new plush versions of these beloved Goonies characters.

“Gordos Plush are designed with the toy collector in mind, so we are excited to provide fans making the trip to the Goondocks this summer the opportunity to grab these awesome versions of Chunk and Sloth.”

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