Latest novel is the third in a series following the adventures of the fictional Marchmont family through 500 years of history.

A Girl for All Time details latest children’s book, Clementine’s Winter

A Girl for All Time has lifted the lid on its latest children’s book, Clementine’s Winter.

Written by twice BAFTA-nominated screenwriter and director Sandra Goldbacher, Clementine’s Winter tells the story of one girl’s struggles during the Blitz and the impact of the Second World War on her life and the lives of those she loves.

Published by Daughters of History, Clementine’s Winter is the third in its series of age-appropriate books following the adventures of the fictional Marchmont family through 500 years of history.

“It is absolutely vital that we promote a pro-girl culture when children are still in the playroom," said A Girl for All Time founder, Frances Cain.

"It’s only when girls and boys see each other as equals that we will have any hope of true gender-equality in the future.

"Too much attention has been given to the idea that overtly feminine toys and books are a bad thing. Our range is very much focused on promoting strong female protagonists which will appeal to both girls and boys and will bring them together in the playroom and reading room, rather than divide them."

The plot synopsis for Clementine’s Winter is as follows:

Clementine Harper is 12 and learning to tap dance at Madame Pearl’s Stage School in North London when war breaks out. As the air raids start to hit London, she and her two younger brothers are evacuated to a tiny Devon village, where Clementine meets another fish out of water – Giesele, a sophisticated Jewish girl who has escaped from Nazi Germany.

Giesele’s parents are still in hiding in Berlin and her sister Klara has gone missing. If only they could help somehow. The girls are enlisted by the local Girl Guides to help put on a Christmas show for the American soldiers at the military base nearby. But the show is a cover for a very secret mission, and the girls’ lives are soon filled with mystery and adventure.

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