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The YouTube content features 'genuine independent reactions from the target audience'.

ToyTesters.tv and FamilyGamerTV collaboration brings in 20,000 viewers each week

ToyTesters.tv and FamilyGamerTV have joined forces to bring YouTube viewers the latest news about toys and games prior to their release.

The show, hosted on both the ToyTesters.tv and FamilyGamerTV YouTube channels, is designed to generate excitement and drive awareness of new product prior to launch, by offering ‘genuine independent reactions from the target audience’.

Each video features one product or a product range and results are tracked online, with content already generating ‘tens of thousands of views’.

“We’re really pleased to be working with the hugely popular FamilyGamerTV YouTube channel on our exciting new show," said Gemma Gallagher, founder of ToyTesters.tv.

"Marketing products shouldn’t start when product is already on the shelves; waiting to promote toys until they are available to purchase is a massive wasted opportunity. Our aim is to become the home where consumers can discover all the latest news about toys.”

Andy Robertson, founder of FamilyGamerTV added: “It’s the perfect storm. A family audience, early access to toys and TV quality production and presenting. Working with ToyTesters.tv on the News show has broadened our coverage beyond toys to life, to toys in general.”

To get invoved, contact Gemma at ToyTesters.tv Gemma@ToyTesters.tv.

The content born from the collaboration can be seen below:


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