Knowing your audience is the first step to success, says Winning Moves' Suzie Howes

INVENTOR TOP TIPS: Suzie Howes, Winning Moves

Some people think the toy industry is the toy industry, and once you have broken into it, everything is sweet.

Sadly, this is a misconception, and if you don’t know your target audience, you will fall through the gap.

So, if you believe you have an idea for the next big game, make sure you research your audience.

One of the classic problems with games today, is that they bridge areas. Be clear as to whether your title is a family game, a pre-school game or an electronic single player game, and then hone in on that target.

Because if you don’t, chances are you will fall through that gap, nobody will know where to range it and everybody will be left scratching their heads, wondering if it is for them.

Once you have realised whether you are targeting the family game market, or the adult market, it then becomes much easier to target your distribution partner or the toy company that you want to license it out to.

Even if you are going it alone, it makes it all the more important to know who you are targeting, because at retail, you have to have a clear plan.

The toy industry is so fragmented into areas and categories that people are responsible for smaller and smaller pieces of it. So, if you want to actually break in, make sure you take every possible argument off the table before you get to the actual criticism of the game itself.

Then, buckle in for some hard truths.

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