MonstRpreneur: The Start-up Adventure Board Game and Card Game is now on Kickstarter.

Start-up toy firm invents board game about being a start-up

A start-up toy firm is looking for Kickstarter backing to help launch a new board and card game centred around being a start-up.

Titled MonstRpreneur, the game billed by the team as ‘Shark Tank meets Game of Life’ is designed to take players through the ups and downs of building a new business via a quick fire card game, an adult-friendly card game and a board game.

Created by Catherine Pitcher and Kathryn Georges, the game features a range of monster characters, boasting ‘Monster Strengths,’ each of which can help players succeed in the game.

‘Millions of people aspire to building their own business every year,’ said the team on its Kickstarter project page.

‘But not everyone has a Warren Buffet whispering in their ear, and not every entrepreneur has a rich uncle Frank or the advice of Mark Zuckerberg.

‘For everyone who dreams of starting their own business, we are here for you.’

With 26 days still remaining on the crowdfunding site, MonstRpreneur has already secured over $4,500 of its $28,000 goal.

Check out MonstRpreneur here

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