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Ed Miliband figure has proved the most popular so far.

Minifigures.com enjoys success with political figures line

Minifigures.com has seens it line of political minifigures take off.

The figures were originally created to fuel brand awareness, but have since proved to be extremely popular with consumers.

“The political figures were really only ever created to generate some PR and brand awareness, we’d only planned to produce a short run of each because we realise the figures only have a short shelf life," said Danny Lezer, business development manager at Minifigures.com.

”What a mistake that was, we’ve been playing catch up ever since, they’ve now started to top all of our previous records, such as fastest selling and most viewed.

“When we collated all of the data for the Minifigures so far, we started to realise real world trends within the data, for example the Nigel Farage figure isn’t our most popular, but he is the most talked about, much in the same way as the real Farage is presented by real world press."

Check out Minifgures.com’s own predictations for today’s election, based on sales of the minifigures, below:

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