Family Gamer TV's Andy Robertson sheds light on some of the characters and brands heading to LEGO Dimensions.

LEGO Dimensions Portal, Scooby-Doo and Jurassic World expansions confirmed by Walmart

LEGO Dimensions was announced last month to much pizazz and hoopla.

While the trailer made it clear LEGO was serious about entering the Toys to Life arms race, we didn’t have a full set of details about which franchises the toys would be drawn from.

The announcement trailer showed The LEGO Movie, Batman, Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future and some characters from Ninjago. Since then, the internet has been a flame trying to work out which other elements will be included.

While Warner Bros are keeping their (official) powder dry until the Electronic Entertaiment Expo (E3) in June, more details have emerged ahead of that event.

One of the retail images for the Xbox One version included a blurry image of the top of the box that lists each and every character. Although this initially seems nothing more than a frustrating tease, by comparing the image with existing LEGO minifigures it has been possible to determine some of the characters we can expect.

Biggest for video-game fans is the appearance of Chell from Portal on the box. This, along with a hastily withdrawn Walmart listing for a Portal level pack, clearly suggests that the game will not only include the iconic portal making gun, but also offer the first physical LEGO toy of Valve’s popular video-game.

Also spotted on the box were minifigs for Shaggy and Scooby. These are again confirmed by that Walmart listing and tie in directly with the new Scooby-Doo LEGO kits shown off at this year’s Toy Fair.

Following this, we have characters for Jurassic Park and The Simpsons. The former looks like it will only offer minifigs and gadgets rater than levels, while The Simpsons will follow up its recent Series 2 outing in minifig blind packs with a full video-game adventure in Dimensions – both characters, gadgets and levels.

It’s testament to the breadth of partnerships at Warner and LEGO’s disposal that the list of characters in Dimensions is already impressive. We are likely to see more announced as we approach the launch of the game later in the year.

This is important for LEGO as competition in the video-game-toy hybrid sector is still strong. The recent announcement of Disney Infinity 3.0 not only pulls in Star Wars and Marvel brands but also improves compatibility and does away with blind bags. Then there is the likely announcement for the next Skylanders game as well as the sell out strength of the Amiibo toy figures.

The biggest hurdle in all this for LEGO Dimensions is the price point. Care will need to be taken to ensure families feel like they are getting enough value for the higher price. While parents are used to LEGO pricing, marrying this with a video-game experience is uncharted territory.

With more brands likely to be added, and the price expected to be eased at launch with retail discounts, LEGO Dimensions shouldn’t be underestimated by either Activision, Disney or Nintendo.

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