Candidates have given their commitment to, if elected, implement necessary policy which encourages play, development and active lifestyles for children.

BTHA’s Make Time 2 Play campaign gains cross-party support

The British Toy & Hobby Association’s Make Time 2 Play campaign has gained cross-party support from more than 90 prospective parliamentary candidates.

The campaign’s five ‘play principles’ are:

  1. Every child needs space and time to play
  2. Active play can help children keep healthy
  3. Play-based learning adds educational opportunities at all ages
  4. Safe places to play are good for families and good for communities
  5. Children develop important life skills through play

During this election period, the BTHA has raised awareness of play with prospective candidates, focusing on the importance of play in the social fabric of family lives.

Candidates have shown a high level of support for the principles of the campaign recognising that play is vital for helping children to develop the skills they will need in later life. As part of this they have given their commitment if elected to implement and support necessary policy which encourages play, development and active lifestyles for children.

Many of the candidates who voiced their support highlighted that government needed to do more to encourage play with particular concern around ensuring there is greater access to play spaces for the benefit of children, their families and the wider community.

"It has been fantastic to receive such a high level of support from all of the political parties for Make Time 2 Play and the five play principles," said Kerri Atherton, communications and public affairs officer at the BTHA.

"We will continue to work with candidates post-election to ensure that the importance of play remains on the political agenda.”

Make Time 2 Play was launched in 2010 to ensure that play was not forgotten and to encourage parents to fun and innovative ways to incorporate more playtime into their busy modern lives.

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