The new Inventors Workshop website is up and running and tickets can be snapped up now. Read on to find out how...


Without dwelling on too many outmoded ‘inventor’ stereotypes, it is with great pleasure that we can now run half-crazed into the night and scream maniacally at the stormy sky: “It’s alive.”

Of course, by ‘it’ we mean the brand-spanking new Inventors Workshop website and by ‘alive’ we just mean live – the new Inventors Workshop website is now live. Forgive us for trying to add a touch of drama.

Yes, over the last few weeks, the boffins in the ToyNews IT tower have managed to pause Game of Thrones and tear themselves away from the latest issue of Your Cat Magazine for just long enough to flip the switch on an updated website, featuring all-new content and information about this year’s big event.

If you were starting to think that all this talk of another Inventors Workshop was merely the ramblings of two attention-seeking, power-crazed writers, then let be the pudding that proves just how very real it all is.

The site introduces this year’s roster of speakers, from Argos’ toy and nursery trading manager Linzi Walker, who will be discussing what retailers are looking for in a product, to Leslie Scott, the creator of Jenga, revealing her path to success on the How We Made It panel.

That isn’t all the morning sessions will have in-store – in fact we have the likes of Hasbro’s head of inventor relations Dougal Grimes, Trevor Baylis Brands’ David Bunting, Big Potato’s Dean Tempest and one of LEGO’s leading designers, Samuel Thomas all ready to impart their own pearls of wisdom.

You can find out more about this year’s complete roster of speakers here.

Of course, we know the chance to pitch your ideas to some of the world’s leading toy manufacturers is a big allure for many of you, and you can read more about the first few companies involved – including Hasbro, Vivid and Cartamundi – by simply clicking here.

In short, September 22nd is looking to be a very full day, so to help you plan your agenda – and which morning conference track you’d like to join – we have drawn up the day’s programme for you, here.

Tickets to this year’s Inventors Workshop are also now available to purchase through the new site. Early bird ticket prices stand at £99 plus VAT and do make sure you select whether you are turning up for the conference only, or in for the full day of pitching sessions.

If this long yarn hasn’t covered all of your questions, then do feel free to drop Billy or myself a line, and we’ll help however we can.

See you all in September.

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