Re:creation's Katy Fletcher preaches the power of videos for engaging consumers with brands, having enjoyed success with Razor's series of Ken Box parodies.

The importance of video content

These days we all understand the importance of the internet when it comes to a solid marketing programme. 

Target audiences are spreading themselves thin when it comes to absorbing a multitude of different media. In the sea of online collateral though, video content can still be seen by many as a ‘nice to do’.

It is however an incredibly powerful tool that can engage and inspire consumers on a vastly different level to traditional TV and, in the right circumstances, hit far greater numbers too.

Why then is video content so often just an AOB on the marketing agenda?

Repeated studies on video content revealed consumers are at least 50 per cent more likely to buy something if they have viewed an accompanying video.

While price is always going to be a factor, in a line-up of comparable products it stands to reason that the one painting the most vivid picture of itself will stand out. 

Demo videos are a simple starting point for any video asset library and, they don’t need to break the bank. They have a multitude of uses as well as supporting online retail.

Done the right way, spend involved in production could also be gained back in consumer response time needed. 

A Razor FAQ video, which we created in house with willing volunteers, has generated over 180,000 views, reiterating the point that money isn’t everything when it comes to assets.

Viral videos are clearly the golden goose here. 

Big engagement numbers are always going to be exciting and we’ve been fortunate to see some of this elusive viral success for Razor with the Ken Box Crazy Cart Gymkhana parody YouTube videos, with combined views of over four million.

Of course, virality is something that can’t be planned for or guaranteed, and this is very likely the reason that as marketers, we can shy away from investing in this kind of material. 

Only the consumer can decide what they feel is worthy of sharing but the real bottom line is that numbers aren’t everything. They’re nice of course, but quality of engagement is more important.

Video expressing a unique brand personality, a sense of fun or forging an emotional connection with an audience has the chance to deliver something that may otherwise be impossible through TV advertising. It may also be the seed to motivate your fans into action. 

We’re certainly seeing that with consumers creating their own Crazy Cart videos.

A little imagination could go a long way.

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