The team has taken to Kickstarter to launch range of build-it-yourself retro robots.

Designers champion custom invention with Off Bits toy range

A team of designers is looking to put toy invention into the hands of children, with a range of build-it-yourself robots assembled from up-cycled spare parts.

Titled The Off Bits, the range incorporates ‘an open-sourced building system’ meaning users can build upon starter kits by using any spare parts they find lying around.

Each kit contains carefully selected hardware bits and pieces and connectors that kids can then turn into their own Off Bits characters.

The project has taken to the crowdsourcing site, Kickstarter in order to raise the $15,000 needed to take the collection to market.

Off Bits is the brainchild of toy fanatic, Roy Barazani who was inspired by a childhood spent taking his own toys apart.

“As a designer, I see that many of the coolest ideas come from everyday people and every day things,” he said via his Kickstarter project.

“The open sourced building system means people can add to their toys with pieces found lying around, from their cupboards or tool boxes to customise their creations.”

Off Bits has already secured over $9,000 of its Kickstarter goal with 29 days still reaming on the crowdsourcing site.

Check out the Off Bits video below:

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