The firm marks its 70th anniversary with high hopes for future success and a top spot for Minions this year.

Minions to help H. Grossman celebrate 70th anniversary this year

H. Grossman believes Minions could be the answer to mirroring last year’s Loomtwister success and help the firm celebrate its 70th year in style.

Founded in Glasgow on April 20th, 1946, the business that started out as a wholesale sundries company has seen years of success in the toy industry with the likes of Yo Yo balls, Alien Eggs and most recently Loom Bands.

Celebrating the milestone anniversary today (Monday April, 20th), the company has seen licensed product become ‘more and more important’ to the industry and has produced a range of character merchandise for SpongeBob SquarePants, Action Man, Ben 10, Dr. Who, Moshi Monsters and more.

Owner of H. Grossmans, Martin Grossman – who began working with his parents and founders of the family business at the age of 15 – now believes that Universal’s Minions will be the number one property of 2015.

“We hope that this will surpass our great success with our amazing Loomtwisters,” he told ToyNews.

In its 70th year, H. Grossman and its leading brand, Ozbozz now enjoy household recognition, and Grossman is confident of the firm’s next 70 successful years in the industry.

“Reaching this milestone puts a lump in my throat,” continued Grossman. “After my father passed away over 20 years ago, some of the older guys in the trade would say to me: ‘Your father would be proud of you.’ That would bring tears to my eyes.

“As for the future, I will just trundle on until I snuff it, and if the end comes while I am at work, I suggest the customers check their deliveries. They might find a wrinkled old me in one of the cartons.

“But I am confident that the company will survive me. Thanks to everyone who has helped me in the past, the present and hopefully in the future.”

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