The process involved to create a two-inch soft bunny using the machine takes two-and-half hours.

Disney develops 3D printer capable of creating soft toys

A team from Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University has created a 3D printer capable of making soft toys.

IBN Live reports that the printer layers together laser-cut sheets of fabric to form soft objects such as soft toys, doll clothing and phone cases.

"Today’s 3D printers can easily create custom metal, plastic, and rubber objects," said Jim McCann, associate research scientist at Disney Research Pittsburgh.

"But soft fabric objects, like plush toys, are still fabricated by hand. Layered fabric printing is one possible method to automate the production of this class of objects."

The process involved to create a two-inch soft bunny took two-and-half hours.

Disney’s layered-fabric 3D printer is being showcased at the Association for Computing Machinery’s annual Conference in Seoul.

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