Marc Hardenberg, managing director of Hardenberg&Co, explains the benefits of traditional play, the importance of nostalgia and what makes a ‘good pre-school toy’.

Classic toys are the best

How often do we find ourselves up and down aisles looking for baby toys that offer value and developmental benefits, while being aesthetically pleasing to parent and baby?

There’s shelf upon shelf of toys, some traditional, some quirky and some novelty, but what actually makes a toy a gift for your own child?

Some toys that look interesting to adults are not particularly effective in promoting development.

Where some fall short, Sassy Toys have eye-catching shelf presence, as well as powerful influences on a child’s development and challenge their thinking.

Toys impact children’s behaviour in a variety of ways and it’s important to understand that play interest is greatly varied by culture, children and families.

However, one tried and tested rule that crosses generations is that ‘basic is best’. There are toys that have been enjoyed for many years and can still be seen on shelves today.

Having been around for over 30 years, Sassy understands the importance of nostalgia among parents and how this can impact their own purchasing decisions. There are a number of Sassy products that remain unchanged. Why? Because they work, evoke nostalgia and stir fond memories in the parents of today.

These toys are often open-ended and can be used in a variety of ways. A sign of a ‘good toy’ is that it can be used in the way it was intended, as well as with other toys or even as something totally different. This makes it multifunctional, adding longevity and value.

A good toy needs to match a child’s ability to get the most out of it. What makes Sassy Toys special is its approach to developing baby’s vital senses of touch, vision, hearing and taste. Carefully crafted and influenced by child development experts, Sassy Toys combine quality design, distinguishing patterns and vibrant colours. Sassy is committed to being the trusted brand of choice in the UK for educational baby toys.

The Sassy Toy range offers lines suitable from birth and beyond. From rattle sets, teethers, the classic Ring o’ Links, high chair toys to bath buddies, the range is sure to bring the toy box to life and inject personality into parent and baby play time. Sassy helps build a baby’s attention span, not fragment it and every feature is designed to contribute to the development of physical, mental, social and emotional skill sets.

A good toy can be played with in many ways, it won’t present answers but pose challenges. It will hold value in its every function, be fun and suitable for all interests.

Simply put, classic toys are often the best.

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