New pack depicts a real life Games of Thrones featuring the likes of Katie Hopkins, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson.

Winning Moves launches Games of Crowns Top Trumps

Winning Moves has launched Game of Crowns Top Trumps, a pack depicting a real life Game of Thrones.

The deck sees the noble ruthless houses celebrated in the hit TV series replaced by three competing houses of real life Royals, politicians and celebs including the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge, Nigel Farage, Jeremy Clarkson and Katie Hopkins.

There are five categories in the pack: ‘Age’, ‘Throne Chances’, ‘Throne Lust’, ‘Cunning’ and ‘Loved by Kingdom’.

 “Abdications, back-stabbing, metaphorical blood on hands – no not just a TV fantasy but shades of real life," said Tom Liddell, boss of Winning Moves International.

“We have had an abdication in Spain and a recent Papal one, with murmurs of maybe another one. Britons could be asked to break away from Europe depending on the result of next month’s election and last autumn the United Kingdom nearly broke up.

“Even particular celebs are stirring up the populace from Katie Hopkins to Russell Brand. So we felt this was ripe for the Top Trumps treatment. Every few years we like to take the nation’s pulse and take a snapshot of popular feeling. 

"Who says art and real life are so distinct?”

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