Project has 11 days left to hit its goal of $30,000 and is currently sat at around the $21,000 mark.

Tobo Track nears Kickstarter goal

Tobo Track, an eco-friendly set of wooden toy vehicle tracks, is nearing its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter.

The project has 11 days left to hit its goal of $30,000 and is currently sat at around the $21,000 mark.

The Track is based on multiples of one simple piece that can be joined together in hundreds of ways to create a track that goes anywhere children want it to.

Kids can use all miniature vehicle toys on Tobo Track such as Hot Wheels, Thomas and Friends, Brio, Matchbox and more, and an adapter piece lets them directly connect wooden train tracks and LEGO blocks.

"The track was inspired by my love for trains and cars and building toys when I was a child," creator Tomas Nielsen told ToyNews.

"I wanted to make an improvement to those toys by allowing more flexibility when building the track.

"The biggest challenges I have encountered are to bring the production costs, and thus retail cost, down to an acceptable level in the market. The material is amazing, but costs more than regular plastic. Once this is achieved, I believe that, with the value added by the new adapter, I will be successful in securing distribution deals. As it is now, contacting individual stores directly is not scaleable."

Nielson has enjoyed "phenomenal" early reaction to the product and is hopeful of hitting his goal.

"Children, parents, and reviewers have all loved it and that has been big reason for why I have proceeded to carry on with the project," said Nielson.

"Of the six awards competitions that I have entered the toy in, it has won all six of them. This is a clear indication to me that I am really onto something with Tobo Track.

"The big picture plan for Tobo Toys is to continue expanding the line, but only with toys that fit the vision and principles of the company. Namely, to keep it environmentally friendly, full of educational value, and as healthy as possible for contact with the child."

Check out the campaign for Tobo Track here.

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