Jeff Hartman, founder and CEO of PaulG Toys, explains how Game of Thrones has inspired the firm's latest creation.

PaulG Toys on why the time is right for its RC-controlled Pterodactyls to take flight

What are you setting out to achieve through your Kickstarter campaign?

Kickstarter is a great venue for fast and insightful customer feedback, something that is invaluable when you’re launching a new product. 

With a traditional launch, you bring the product in and then sell it without the input of the consumer. With Kickstarter, you can really get a good sense of what the customer likes/doesn’t like and any tweaks that you may need to make for a much better product. 

For instance we’ve already learned from our pre-launch outreach that many users would like to have a more "realistic" colour option like brown or tan so we’re updating the offering to include this option.

What has early reaction been like to the range? What are your expectations for the range?

The reaction has been fantastic with the first question being "does it really fly" – they can’t wait to try it. Our expectations for this year are fairly modest but we look to expand the range and price points for next year!

Where did the idea for the pterodactyls come from?

I’m a big fan of dinosaurs and the whole Jurassic Park movie series.

I also have recently been watching a lot of Game of Thrones and love Daenerys’s dragon, which I think is very cool. 

Our company makes flying toys, so I thought it would make a great product if we could actually bring something to life from those genres. With the new Jurassic World movie coming out in June, we thought it was perfect timing.

What has your journey with the range been like so far? What hurdles have you faced and what have been your biggest triumphs?

It has been very exhilarating – anytime you can introduce a product and get such a great reception it really makes you enthusiastic to expanding the idea and introducing complimentary products. 

Some of the early hurdles were the most challenging like getting the optimum battery life span to weight ratios and making the Pterodactyl have a realistic appearance.

I think locating the voice box in the bird is the greatest accomplishment as it really adds to the overall effect – you can be 1000′ feet away and let loose the screech which is great fun.

PaulG has made a lot of flying toys over the last few years, but the Flying Lizard is by far the most fun. Feeling the power this thing has as you launch from your hand is just exhilarating, something everyone should experience!

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