The firm has enjoyed success with technology through its Shuffle line of app-enhanced card games

Games must adapt to changing tech to grow, says Cartamundi

Cartamundi believes that adapting to the latest technology is key to the continued growth of the games and puzzles sector.

The firm has embraced app technology with its Shuffle line of card games and it believes that the balance between innovation and fun gameplay is key.

“Being agile in an ever-changing market [is key to the sector’s ongoing growth],” said Trudi Bishop, head of marketing and licensing at Cartamundi.

“For example, playing cards have already gone virtual: on smartphones, computers and other devices. Cartamundi makes iCards for the connected generation and integrated apps to support its successful Shuffle line.”

Cartamundi believes that keeping tabs on the brightest emerging brands is the key to success in the sector.

“Popular brands are emerging all the time that children in particular want to see in card game form,” added Bishop.

“At the same time, there are millions of poker, bridge, snap and happy families players – not to mention would-be magicians – who want regular playing cards.

“The key therefore is to adapt to changing technology and brand trends but never to lose sight of the USP of the best games and puzzles: simple, fun gameplay that appeals to people of all ages.”

Bishop believes the games sector is in a good place at the moment, and that the future is bright.

“No matter how much the formats and technology change, people still love games and puzzles,” Bishop told ToyNews.

“They have a great fun family appeal, but also an educational appeal. I don’t see that ever disappearing. It’s just the way we play that may evolve.”

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