Last year’s Workshop helped unite the UK’s toy and game inventor community and gave them a rare chance to pitch their ideas to some of the world’s biggest companies face to face. Well, we’re doing it again, and this time it’s all set to bigger and better. Billy Langsworthy reveals what’s in store this year.

What to expect from this year’s Inventors Workshop

In its simplest form, without toy inventors, there wouldn’t be a toy industry.

New and innovative toys are at the very heart of the business. They could not be more important – without new play experiences the industry would stagnate.

The tricky part for inventors who know they have a great product, is getting in front of the right people. The inventors community is a passionate one – many have spent years patiently knocking on doors, calling, sending countless emails, attending Toy Fairs all in the hope of getting their products noticed and picked up.

We launched the Inventors Workshop to try and end the frustration for inventors seeking time with toy companies.

Last year, following a series of features focused on inventors, we gave them their chance at meeting with the right company and, just as importantly, the right people within it.

We’re passionate about helping inventors showcase their fantastic creative talent. And so, the Workshop is back again this year.

This year’s Inventors Workshop will be at held at Whittlebury Hall in Northampton on Tuesday, September 22nd 2015.

More than 40 of the most innovative and influential toy and game manufactures, technology companies and financial houses will present, discuss and connect with over 150 inventors expected at the one-day conference.

This year, we are splitting the conference into two new tracks to make it easier to enjoy insight, discussions and presentations from inventors, manufacturers, technology companies and funding experts. This also allows us to incorporate sessions that we couldn’t squeeze in last year.

One track will be aimed at absolute beginners with panels, talks and keynotes focusing on the nuts and bolts of inventing. An alternative track will cater to more experienced creators and those who attended last year’s conference.

This year’s talks and panel sessions will cover a range of topics including The Importance of Innovation, How We Made It, Working With Tech, A Beginner’s Guide to Funding, How to Manage a Successful Kickstarter Campaign, The Perfect Pitch, Toy Safety, Legal Know-How, What Retail is Looking For and Journey of a Toy Craze among others.

After our inspiring programme, we will be giving more time on the day to the life changing Pitch sessions that will give inventors an even greater chance of connecting with the right business partner.

After last year, and the success Gillian Logan and Skinny Sketcher have enjoyed since being picked up back in September (the product launched at Toy Fair and is hitting shelves in May), we know this event works. It brings creative types together and gives this thriving community an opportunity to network, socialise and get their ideas out there.

We are excited about the year ahead and hope the 2015 Inventors Workshop can make a big difference to the next generation of play and the people within it.

To get involved with the Workshop and its pitching sections as a sponsor, contact Or, if you feel you have something to offer the conference programme, or just want more information on the event itself, contact

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