SnapDragon uses proven techniques to search and monitor sites around the world and take down offenders.

New anti-counterfeit service for the nursery and toy industries launches

SnapDragon, a new anti-counterfeit service for SMEs specialising in the nursery and toy industries, has been launched by Totseat founder Rachel Jones.

Jones decided to launch SnapDragon after using the techniques developed to defend the Totseat’s registered IP to successfully help several other brands.

The team of linguists, data analysts and brand managers use proven techniques and proprietary software to search and monitor sites around the world and use clients’ registered IP to take down offenders on e-commerce portals.

When IP attorneys or lawyers are required, SnapDragon introduces trusted experts who understand the priorities and budgetary restrictions faced by SMEs.

“Having defended the Totseat chair harness across the world for the last decade we have built up a huge amount of experience," said SnapDragon’s head of research, Jet Doran.

“As an SME we totally understand how infuriating counterfeits are – they potentially put unsuspecting customers at risk, divert legitimate income, and damage reputations. SMEs in the nursery and toy industry cannot afford to ignore counterfeits yet they do, mostly due to not knowing where to start. 

“The SnapDragon offer is affordable and results based – so in some ways there’s nothing to lose. No counterfeits no charge. Many firms are adept at managing portals like eBay very successfully, through their VeRO system, but usually only in English. Our native Chinese speakers, and other linguists, bring part of our added value making sure we can communicate with sites and sellers around the world.”

SnapDragon is offering a free trial to anyone concerned about the potential impact of counterfeits on their business – please contact Jet Doran on 07711 227 146 or

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