Play: Fun ways to help your child develop in the first five years will be available to purchase from May this year.

Good Toy Guide’s Amanda Gummer reveals new parenting book

Founder of the Good Toy Guide and CEO of Fundamentally Children, Dr. Amanda Gummer has partnered with Vermillion to launch a new book exploring play.

Titled Play: Fun ways to help your child develop in the first five years, the book offers parents a guide on making their child’s early years playful, while helping their children thrive.

Scheduled for release on May 7th this year, the book offers advice on choosing toys and explanations of how they promote healthy development in youngsters.

“I was delighted to be approached by Vermillion to offer my knowledge of play, toys and child development in a way that parents will find helpful,” said Dr. Gummer.

“I was keen that this should not be another ‘How to’ guide or parents, but instead offer practical information that parents can adapt to fit their own families.”

The book is now available for pre-order on Amazon and will be found in a range of outlets this May. 

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