Clarkson's 3D printable head can be added to Hungry Hungry Hippos in the wake of the Top Gear presenter's 'fracas'.

3D printing firm creates Hungry Hungry Clarksons

3D printing firm CEL has created a part resembling Jeremy Clarkson’s head that transforms Hungry Hungry Hippos into ‘Hungry Hungry Clarksons’.

The move is to mark Clarkson being suspended by the BBC due to a ‘fracas’ allegedly triggered due to a catering dispute.

‘Here at CEL we’re big Jeremy Clarkson/Top Gear fans, and were saddened (as we surely all were) that the poor fellow couldn’t get the steak he deserved after a hard day of filming last week,’ read a statement from the 3D printing firm.

‘By way of consolation we’ve designed a 3D printable part that you can use to create a special version of the classic board game, Hungry Hungry Hippos. Now the whole family can feed Jeremy by playing Hungry Hungry Clarksons.

‘Families interested in ‘upgrading’ their Hungry Hungry Hippo sets merely need to download the part and get printing. Jeremy never need go hungry again.’

The design is available on My Mini Factory.

Take a look at Hungry Hungry Clarksons in action below:

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