Firm wants to transform its shops into 'more of a theme park than a trolley dash.'

Toys R Us launches in-store Selfie Stations across Asia sites

Toys R Us is introducing Selfie Stations to its stores across Asia in a bid to increase its in-store theatre experience for shoppers.

This year will see the retailer cater for the current selfie phenomenon by offering stations with green screens, allowing customers to create unique selfie moments.

The brand – which prides itself on making its stores ‘more of a theme park than a trolley dash’ – hopes that the initiative will result in increased time spent in stores.

Toys R Us will also continue to roll out augmented reality booths and 3D floor stickers to entertain families visiting its international stores.

The Selfie Station initiative was unveiled by Jo Hall, regional general manager, merchandise and marketing, Toys R Us Asia at the Marketing’s Customer Experience Conference 2015.

Hall spoke on topics covering Toys R Us’ digital growth, in-store activity and its plans to transform the brand into ‘more than just a brick and mortar store.’

With increased focus on the social media and digital platforms, the international retailer is looking to ‘position itself as a viable media channel.’

Meanwhile in the UK, the firm is placing equal emphasis on its in-store activity, holding an autism friendly exclusive experience event for families affected by autism and additional needs.

In support of World Autism Awareness Week, stores across the UK will host a special browsing experience, offering families a calm environment with their child.

The event will be held on the morning of Sunday, March 29th and is planned in conjunction with the National Autistic Society. It will allow families to browse the latest selection of toys and games in a subdued environment.

For the morning, participating stores will feature reduced fluorescent lighting, no loud music or tannoy announcements and autism friendly signage.

“We understand that bright lights, tall racks, strange smells, noises and unknown people can sometimes be daunting for children affected by autism, but an event like this allows lots of children and their families to visit our store together and enjoy the content of the store.”

Staff have been briefed and guided by information from the NAS to help visiting families enjoy the shopping experience.

Due to Sunday trading laws, the retailer will be unable to perform sales transactions until the store officially opens at 10am.

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