Minifigures custom-made to look identical to the current crew of the ISS are now aboard the station. sends LEGO astronauts into space

The International Space Station has welcomed­ three LEGO astronauts, created by LEGO customisers

The minifigures were custom-made to look identical to the current crew of the ISS, right down to the correct patches and buckles.

The LEGO doppelgangers were privately commissioned and then recreated American astronaut Terry Virts, Italian Samantha Cristoforetti and Russian mission commander Anton Shkaplerov from photographs.

“I’ve always been a huge space nerd”, said director Nick Savage.

“I may never become an astronaut, but it’s amazing to think my little LEGO guys have. It’s wonderful to know that they’re up there right now, whizzing through space at over 17,000 mph. We’ve shipped all over the world before, but never off it.”

Check out the three LEGO minifigures, currently velcroed to the inside of the ISS, below:

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