Magic Box claims 'Series 3 has taken sales to a new level'.

Zomlings Series 3 on track to become most successful line yet

Current sales data suggests Zomlings Series 3 is on track to become the most successful series yet for Magic Box International.

Zomlings Series 1 and 2 sold millions of packets in the UK and the firm claims ‘the introduction of some exciting new elements for Series 3 has taken sales to a new level’.

Series 3 has introduced Zomlings Ghost Trains which have become an extremely sought after item, with examples fetching very high prices on eBay. 

A brand new Zomlings Ghost Train Blister Pack launches next week. The packs have an RRP of £4.99 and contain four Zomlings, one Train Engine and three Train Carriages.

Zomlings was one of the highest TV advertised toys in 2014 and the TV campaign to support Series 3 continues this month.

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