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Initiative will include series of year-long activities, content and events aimed at building self esteem and inspiring girls.

Lottie dolls unveils #beyou campaign on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day on March 8th sees the launch of the Lottie dolls #beyou campaign, a series of year-long activities, content and events aiming to build self-esteem and inspire girls to be all they can be, without limitation.

The Lottie #beyou campaign kicks off its empowering and confidence-building message with the release of a collection of great women biographies for kids available for download on the lottie.com website, showcasing and championing the achievements of great women throughout history.

The Lottie #beyou campaign is all about helping girls get involved and active in a wide range of activities, and enjoy all the positive facets of childhood, without limitation.

Spring will also see the launch of the latest exciting, new Lottie dolls, including the astronomy-themed Stargazer Lottie (a collaboration with the European Space Agency), and Fossil Hunter (a collaboration with Trowelblazers, a team of international female palaeontologists), along with accompanying activities, events and resources, all designed to get kids engaged and inspired.

Lucie Follett, co-founder and creative director, commented: “We want to expose girls to all of the options that are open to them, activities that will stimulate their minds and also keep their bodies active; science, sports and other outdoor activities, as well as fun, imaginary play. There are many ways to be a girl."

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