Next round of testing will be conducted on March 26th.

Spaces running out for Kids Brand Insight’s latest KidsPlayTest session

There are only two places available for Kids Brand Insight’s next KidsPlayTest consumer research session.

The next round of testing will be conducted on March 26th.

"Effectively the methodology works as a qualitative omnibus," said Kids Brand Insight CEO Steve Reece.

"We take the methodology into a UK primary school once per half term (approximately once every two months), taking with us three to four products, content presentations or other project materials to test with children ranging from five to 11 years of age.

"We regularly conduct focused bespoke projects for clients where we research their brands in depth – the challenge for some clients is the cost of conducting a dedicated survey. The difference with KidsPlayTest is that by testing multiple products during the same session, we can offer a budget entry point for brands.

"The reality of course is that you get what you pay for – there is a limit to the depth we can go to via this methodology, and so some topics/brands/products/objectives are not suited to this method, but we do find overall that our clients rate the insight we deliver very highly."

More details can be found here.

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