The product is a worldwide exclusive for the online retailer and offers consumers an 'affordable foray into the breathtaking world of virtual reality'.

Firebox snaps up ‘affordable’ Immerse Virtual Reality Headset

Firebox is looking to offer consumers an ‘affordable foray into the breathtaking world of virtual reality’ with its latest worldwide exclusive, the Immerse Virtual Reality Headset.

The headset uses any smartphone to create a virtual world in front of a consumer’s eyes.

There are hundreds of free and inexpensive Virtual Reality apps are available on both the Play store and the Apple store compatible with the product, and it allows users to watch 3D Movies, explore new worlds or play games.

Owners can select which virtual world they want to explore, slot a phone into the adjustable plastic enclosure of the headset, put it up to your eyes and adjust the lenses and head straps before ‘stepping into a new world’.

The Immerse Virtual Reality Headset, available from for £29.99, is being pitched as an affordable alternative to the Oculus Rift, which reports suggest will cost between $200 and $400 when it arrives next year.

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