The two day auction has now brought in over £66,000 for Star Wars fanatic and collector, Craig Stevens.

Rare Star Wars figures sell for £30k at auction

A collection of 15 rare Star Wars action figures has sold for £30,000 at auction.

Fan and collector Craig Stevens made headlines around the globe earlier this year when he made an astonishing £41,796 from the first part of his rare Star Wars memorabilia haul.

Among which was a mint condition, extremely rare Boba Fett action figure, which fetched a record-breaking £18,000 at Thornaby auction house, Vectis.

Stevens has made headlines again, having almost doubled his takings when his selection of 15 Star Wars figures gained him a further £30,000 at auction.

The rare figures included a Lando Clarissian, Han Solo in his Hoth Outfit and Luke Skywalker in his Bespin Fatigues. Each character was housed in it original Palitoy packaging.

After the auction house’s cut of the profits is deducted, the 45-year-old Star Wars fanatic and former chairman of the UK Star Wars fan club will collect over £66,000.

“Not bad for two day’s work,” Stevens told the Gazette.

“I am very pleased with the result of the auction. I had budgeted to get a house for myself and my wife Karen and that is still going to happen.”

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