The toy maker has partnered with Toy Talk to develop Hello Barbie, a doll capable of two way conversation via wi-fi connection.

Mattel gets connected with conversational Hello Barbie doll

Mattel is partnering with US start up, Toy Talk to develop a connected Barbie doll that will be able to hold a two-way conversation with children.

Hello Barbie will use a speech-recognition platform developed by the firm and will be able to play interactive games as well as tell stories and jokes.

A prototype of the doll was first unveiled at this year’s New York Toy Fair on February 14th.

Hello Barbie will be able to listen to a child’s conversation and adapt it over time. The wi-fi connected doll will also be able to provide an hour’s worth of playtime when fully charged.

“The number one request we hear from girls around the world is that they want to have a conversation with Barbie,” said a spokesbwoman for Mattel.

“Now, for the first time ever, Barbie can have a two-way conversation.”

Barbie will communicate via a microphone, speaker and two tricolor LEDS featured in the doll’s necklace.

Hello Barbie is expected to sell for around $74.99 or £49, however the release date is yet to be confirmed.

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