Inventor Assim Ishaque is looking to raise £10,000 to fund the first wave of his gender-neutral bead-based construction kits.

New construction toy Simbrix to hit Kickstarter next month

A UK entrepreneur is trying to raise £10,000 on Kickstarter to develop a new gender-neutral construction toy called Simbrix.

Simbrix allows children to make complex patterns and shapes out of small coloured beads.

Creator Assim Ishaque is looking to manufacture Simbrix for retail with the help of the Kickstarter campaign, which launches in March.

If successful, the campaign will fund the first mass manufacturing run of the beads and enable Simbrix to be packaged for the retail market.

“Simbrix is like a cross between fusion beads and LEGO, and is fun, creative and completely absorbing,” said Ishaque.

”And we know from product testing at craft fairs that Simbrix has a massive appeal with people aged from five to 75.

“So the money raised from a crowd-funding campaign won’t be going into the development of prototypes – because we’ve already perfected the design using 400 prototypes over the past two years. Instead, the money will be funding the manufacturing of Simbrix so that kits can become available to buy from big online retailers and eventually from High Street retailers.”

Simbrix beads currently come in several colours which can be locked together to produce a variety of shapes and patterns.

The kits will initially consist of 3,000 plastic beads and an ironing fabric in an organic cotton bag and will retail at around £25.

“Our slogan for Simbrix is ‘Connect and Wow’ because it’s all about connecting the beads and preparing to be wowed," added Ishaque.

“We think people of all ages will love connecting them and will enjoy uploading images of their creations to our website as part of a community of Simbrix users. We hope that the Kickstarter campaign will be just the start.”

Details of the Kickstarter campaign can be found here.

Check out Simbrix in action below:

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