“We’re able to deliver a new form of play that brings an unprecedented level of customisation, character personality and interaction to life in a physical game."

Anki unveils latest innovation with Anki Overdrive

Anki has unveiled the next generation of its battle-racing toy/videogame hybrid in Anki Overdrive.

Anki Overdrive, set to launch in the UK, US and Germany this September, boasts state-of-the-art modular tracks, high-end car designs and new innovations in gameplay.

The easy to link modular tracks allow players can build their own battle-race courses within seconds and pit their real-life robotic supercars against friends or enemy AI commanders and their crews in the game’s campaign mode.

Fans can experience Anki Overdrive for the first time at next week’s US Toy Fair 2015 at the Anki booth #3054.

“Anki Drive represented more than a new product launch for us but a key step in a new industry still in its infancy, and an opportunity to make robotics and artificial intelligence accessible in our everyday lives,” said Boris Sofman, Anki founder and CEO.

“With Anki Overdrive, we’re able to deliver a new form of play that brings an unprecedented level of customisation, character personality and interaction to life in a physical game, establishing a new category of entertainment at the intersection of videogames, toys and robotics.”

Overdrive sees players control physical supercars via handheld mobile devices and each supercar is upgradable with unique virtual weapons and gadgets, and packs a 50mhz computer and camera that recognizes player-customised courses.

The cars are capable of using AI to fully control themselves on the track as they use diverse strategies to fight to the finish.

The game also lets players build their own battlefields for all-out vehicular mayhem. The track pieces easily snap together via magnetic connectors allowing players to create and race on their own customised courses instantly, while the bendable nature of the pieces allows players to build courses over and around household objects.

The modular track pieces use special ink and optics technologies to embed information that the high-tech vehicles scan 500 times per second to understand their position and steer precisely on any track configuration.

At launch, the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit will include two highly detailed supercars, ten separate track pieces, a four-car charger, two risers and a tire cleaning kit.

An additional two expansion cars and eight expansion track packs will be also available, including a launch kit boasting a jump, a collision kit featuring an intersection and an elevation kit bringing hills, bridges and underpasses to the tracks.

The Anki Overdrive Starter Kit will retail at $150 with expansion track packs and accessories costing between $10.00 and $30.00 per pack.

Anki Overdrive is also backwards compatible, allowing Anki Drive cars to race on Overdrive tracks.

Check out the trailer, detailing the evolution from Anki Drive to Anki Overdrive, below:

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