YouTube users Antonio and Andrea Toscano have created LEGO's least child-friendly parody trailer to date.

Now 50 Shades of Grey undergoes LEGO makeover

LEGO has been famed with mixing pleasure and pain (have you ever stood on one of the blighters?) years before Mr. Grey waltzed on to the scene.

Now, however, the two have been united in a LEGO trailer makeover that most certainly isn’t for kids.

YouTube users Antonio and Andrea Toscano have created a LEGO parody of the 50 Shades of Grey movie trailer currently raising pulses across the country.

Titled 50 Shades of Bricks, the trailer features minifigure versions of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson as they engage on a spot of BDSM action,.

If you have ever wondered what a LEGO kiss might look like, or what lies underneath a minifigure’s business attire, this trailer has it all, climaxing with a blindfolded Anastasia Steele.

50 Shades of Grey is scheduled to hit cinemas this February 13th, however we doubt we’ll be seeing the full LEGO version of the film any time soon.

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