Firm campaigning for 'unity through puzzling to piece families and the country back together'.

Jumbo Games launches political campaign to boost Wasgij

Jumbo Games is launching its own political campaign in the run up to May’s General Election to promote its Wasgij brand.

As the political agenda heats up and parties rally to gain support, Jumbo Games will also be found hot on the campaign trail with its political leader Dave Wasgij guiding the way. As with every party figurehead, Dave has a vision of unity, of bringing friends, family and the country closer together and his agenda truly reflects these values.

When commenting on the campaign Dave said: “I have a dream where families talk and joke while puzzling together. Where people who struggle to fit into society, like the wrong piece of a jigsaw, are helped to feel like part of the solution, which in turn can help us all see the bigger picture.”

With this ethos it is of little surprise Dave believes that, through puzzling, he can make a divided country fit together once again. A carefully crafted manifesto has been pieced together which if victorious, will see a range of positive introductions into Britain’s society.

Jigsaw libraries will appear in towns across the UK, the senior sector of society will receive free jigsaws complimented by a winter jigsaw allowance, compulsory jigsaw breaks will be introduced into the working day to help employee’s refresh and National Puzzle Day marked as a national holiday on the calendar. Dave would also see that the art of jigsawing is added to the national curriculum, so the younger generation can help piece the country back together.

Katherine Pierce, marketing manager at Jumbo Games, added: “This is a really great campaign designed to piece the country back together. Dave Wasgij is an excellent party leader whose alternative approaches provide a refreshing change from the normal party policies of reform. I have every confidence that, with Dave as our leader Jumbo Games can truly achieve a great change.”

In spirit of the campaign, a new collection from Wasgij, the new Wasgij Imagine…? jigsaws has hit the shelves this month with the special general election themed editions now crowned Best New Toy at the 2015 London Toy Fair. Three themed puzzles from the No.1 favourite adult puzzle brand, Wasgij, have been created, each centered on the possible fictitious outcomes of the 2015 General Election.

Each variation of the jigsaw puzzle will contain 1,000 pieces and the boxes are colour coded to reflect the political party. Red will be visible on Wasgij Imagine…? If Labour Win The General Election!, yellow will feature on Wasgij Imagine…? If the Liberal Democrats Win The General Election! and blue can be found on Wasgij Imagine…? If The Conservatives Win The General Election!.

Pierce continued: “We are really excited about the launch of the three new Wasgij Imagine…? puzzles. Wasgij is known for its humorous illustrations and the election has been the perfect satirical inspiration for our artists. It provides a great way to inject a bit of fun into what is otherwise a serious topic.”

The three selected political parties do not bare any political preferences on Jumbo’s behalf but simply represent the three main UK political parties running in the General Election. Both the image on the box and the three different outcomes reflect the artist’s fun impressions in the Wasgij style its fans love.

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