Board game inventor, Andrew Harman is gearing up for the launch of his second title this year, Sandcastles.

YAY Games returns to Kickstarter with Frankenstein’s Bodies follow up

Just months after a successful campaign to fund and launch board game Frankenstein’s Bodies, YAY Games is returning to Kickstarter with a follow up title.

Sandcastles is board game inventor and designer Andrew Harman’s latest creation, and his first title aimed at engaging a more ‘family audience.’

The game challenges players to build as many sandcastles from the cards in the deck as they can, with each build earning them one point.

Players can steal and cheat their way to victory, using any of the various action cards, including seagull, bucket and crab attacks.

Aware of the game’s position at the opposite end of the spectrum when compared to the surgery-inspired Frankenstein’s Bodies, Harman believes his new title is the ‘ideal entry level game’ for youngsters.

“We are taking a far more family friendly approach with Sandcastles,” he told ToyNews. “It’s a bit less of an in your face game, but don’t be fooled, there is all the interaction and gameplay that proved so popular with Frankenstein’s Bodies, but this time on a beach rather than in a gothic castle.”

Harman reports that early reactions to the game have so far, been ‘excellent’, good news then, he explained, for the team that plans to introduce the game at this year’s UK Games Expo in May.

“People are having great fun with the game,” continued Harman. “It’s such an easy game to learn and play, with a nice depth to it, too. Age doesn’t seem to be a problem. Kids will be beating parents left, right and centre with this one.”

Having successfully funded Frankenstein’s Bodies via the crowd-sourcing site last year, Harman is confident of online support from the gaming community.

“We are hoping to build on the success we had with Frankenstein’s Bodies by working that bit smarter and offering that bit more to the Kickstarter backers,” he said. 

“So many gamers are already watching Kickstarter nowdays, it is such a great platform to launch games. We know how important the trust and support is and we are aiming to get a really neat ‘special’ edition available when we launch at the beginning of March.”

Sandcastles is scheduled for general release at Essen in October this year.

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