Toy Hunter Jordan Hembrough explains why toy creators should never give up on their ideas.

Never stop inventing because your next idea could be right around the corner

Never stop dreaming and never stop inventing because your next idea could be right around the corner.

Play-Doh was a goo that was invented to clean people’s wallpapers to remove coal dust. With the advent of in-door heating, there was no real need for it so the inventor had piles of this stuff in his warehouse.

He didn’t know what to do and he was going to file for bankruptcy. But then he found out that all the kids in the neighbourhood were playing with it.

They loved it. So he added colouring to it and he added a bit of a scent and it became Play-Doh.

The advice I give to new inventors is take that guy as an example because you’re always one little idea away from greatness.

He went from a warehouse full of crap to inventing Play-Doh and it just got inducted into the toy hall of fame, so never stop inventing.

It’s the dreamers that will do it; it’s the crazy ones.

Apple’s Steve Jobs said in a giant marketing campaign, ‘call us the crazy people. You can make fun of us but you can’t ignore us because we’re the ones who are going to change the world’. He was right.

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