Inspired by the popular video gaming franchise, XCOM - The Board Game delivers alien invasions via its companion app.

Esdevium Games launches XCOM – The Board Game

Popular Alien-battling, videogame franchise XCOM has made its transition to the world of board gaming.

XCOM – The Board Game is the latest title from Esdevium Games and aims to blend traditional play with its digital roots, through a companion app that controls key elements of the game.

One of which is the onslaught of an alien invasion.

“The app also forces players to make fast, critical decisions in real time,” said Ben Hogg, marketing manager of Esdevium Games. “This is one of the first board games to use a companion app as an integral part of the game play.

“It doesn’t simply improve the overall experience, it makes it unique.”

Available in stores from today, the game has already enjoyed a positive reception and was even ‘given the showbiz treatment’ last week as Esdevium’s first ever pre-launch event, featuring press and industry personnel.

Writers and reporters from various media gathered at Loading Bar in London to put the game through its first public UK play test.

“For me, XCOM appeals to fans on three different levels,” continued Hogg. “Firstly, it’s a fantastic strategic board game and we saw that in the reaction from the gaming journalists.

“Secondly, for fans of the XCOM property it is the perfect tonic, dripping in theme from the video game. Lastly, this is one of the first board games to use a companion app as an integral part of the game play.”

XCOM – The Board Game is available to all retailers now.

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